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DOE: CooC Cloud App Hits 240,000 Download, Wins International IT Awards

City officials at the 2022 IDC Smart City AsiaPacific Awards CeremonyThe Department of Education (DOE) introduced the Parents, Teachers, and Students Platform in September of 2021. This year, the project claimed a number of international awards including the 2022 Smart City Innovation and Application Award, the 2022 IDC Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards, and the WITSA 2022 ICT Excellence Award. 


According to the agency, the CooC Cloud app has achieved the landmark of 240,000 downloads. In addition, the platform has been linked to nearly 80 percent of the city’s parents and children. This demonstrates the popularity of the service among parents, teachers, and students. 


The five most popular functions of the CooC App include: “Grade Query” (760,000 accesses); “School Fee Payment” (580,000 accesses); “Class Communication Book” (310,000 accesses); “Student Leave Application” (230,000 accesses), and “Absence Query” (220,000 access).  


To involve parents in the school life of their kids and to strengthen communications between parents and teachers, DOE implemented the “School Parents and Children Account Linking” policy in the 2020 academic year. The agency introduced both the aforementioned platform and CooC Cloud app in the 2021 academic year. In 2022, the agency offered the new digital signature feature, eliminating the need for parents entrusting kids to return signed slips while reducing paperwork.  


In the interest of lessening administrative burdens for schools and boosting interaction among parents, teachers, and kids, DOE continues to explore and adopt IT solutions to integrate and digitize school services across the spectrum. It also collects feedback from different users, seeking to optimize services on the Parents, Teachers, and Students Platform to build a smart campus ecosystem.