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Learn Tips to Ace You Job Interviews at TYS March 3-15

An impressive curriculum vitae and good interview skills are key to securing the job you want! To assist youths to start a successful career, Taipei Youth Salon (TYS) is launching a two-phase theme week event to be timed with the job fairs held by OKWORK.
Between March 3 and 8, TYS will invite professional consultants to provide one-on-one tutoring on how to write a good resume that best illustrates the strengths and merits of the job seeker.
The second week, from March 10 through 15, will focus on preparing participants for delivering powerful interview performances through simulations where they can acquire proper savoir-faire and learn about workplace ethics as well as tips to answer questions smartly.
Students or unemployed individuals are also welcome to visit the job fair at Taipei Expo Park, 10 AM on March 21.
To sign up for the theme week event, please visit the TYS website at http://tys.okwork.gov.tw/ (Chinese). You can also like the Facebook fan page of Taipei Youth Salon, or dial 02-2395-8567 for more information.