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Ko: Shezidao Redevelopment to Kickoff at End of 2015

Mayor Ko Wen-je declared that Shezidao redevelopment will be conducted based upon the principles of open information, public participation, and localized service. The project will be implemented in 2016.

Ko made the remarks during a meeting with Shezidao residents on June 27. Attended by the three deputy mayors and the heads of various city departments as well as nearly one thousand residents, it was the first outdoor information meeting on city administration since he assumed office. The event demonstrates the city government’s determination to address the issue.

Noting that his vision is to develop Taipei into a livable city, Ko promised local residents to bring happiness and convenience to their lives. A total of 6 meetings were held to discuss the fate of the area six months into his new administration. It will take three more months for the newly-constituted Shezidao workshop to collect opinions from locals. The city government will make the final decision on Shezidao’s development by the anniversary of Ko’s administration on December 25, 2015.

Even though the whole project will take six years to complete, Ko pointed out that investments will continue for other Shezidao projects, with NT$56 million earmarked by the end of this year. He remarked that the top priority for now is to ensure residents have access to electricity and tap water. Light rail transit will be the next item on the construction list for the area.

Ko stressed that open information, public participation, and localized service will be the guidelines for the development of Shezidao. The progress of related constructions and inquiries will be published on a website dedicated to the project. Residents will have their say about the ultimate direction in the Shezidao development. In addition, the city government has already stationed personnel in the area to provide assistance.