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City Initiates the 2015 Spring Safety Operation

In light of the approaching Chinese New Year holiday, Taipei City Government launched the 2015 Spring Safety Operation at 10 PM on February 8. The 20-day-long operation will strengthen safety measures for residents to ensure a peaceful Chinese New Year period in Taipei.

After a briefing session on the operation at the Xinyi Precinct of Taipei City Police Department, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over a press conference attended by police officers, volunteers, neighborhood watch members, and personnel taking part in the operations.

Ko stressed that maintaining security is a duty that lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year; it is not something limited only to the period around Chinese New Year. He encourages participants to view the Spring Safety Operation as an annual exercise to make residents have more confidence about the City’s capabilities in maintaining security.

The mayor noted that after listening to the report by Police Commissioner Chiu Feng-kuang, he is confident in Taipei’s safety and security, citing statistics such as a decline in violent crimes and clear-up rate of major crimes hitting 100-percent. However, he stressed that there is still room for improvement, especially prevention in areas such as drugs, drunk-driving, and fraud.

Stressing that the maintenance of Taipei’s safety environment is not the responsibility of the police force only, but something that requires input from the society, he hopes that city agencies can work with non-governmental organizations and treat the operation as an annual exercise to find out how they can make it better. He also wished the audience an early Happy Chinese New Year.