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SPD: Fire Safety Training for Staff to Ensure Sports Facility Preparedness

Staff attending fire safety seminar To boost the confidence of facility users, the Department of Sports (SPD) required all staff workers of affiliated sports centers and swimming pools to conduct fire drills this week. The exercises are to ensure that all fire prevention gears are functioning appropriately and staff members are familiar with the emergency evacuation process.

According to the agency, the exercise kicked-off with a drill at the Shilin District Sports Center on May 4. In addition, Sports Commissioner Li Tzai-li personally attended the fire drill conducted at Neihu District Sports Center. All exercises will be completed by May 10.

SPD pointed out that all district sport centers and public swimming pools are contracted out to operators in accordance to regulations in the interest of creating a more professional environment. One of the details in the management contract include fire safety, requiring operators to comply with Fire Services Act by devising fire protection plans befitting the characteristics of the respective facility, as well as conducting routine checks to make sure firefighting equipment are serviceable. They are also required to conduct routine fire drills, including team training and fire safety seminars.

The agency added that in the interest of thorough implementation of fire prevention measures, it is important that the staff at these facilities are familiar with maintenance of these equipment, as well as their use during times of crisis.

Therefore, SPD requests all affiliated facilities to train facility staff in related areas to heighten disaster awareness and strengthen capabilities to respond appropriately during emergencies. It also examines compliance through irregular checkups and annual performance reviews.