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Upgraded Shwoo Auction Website to Go Live February 15

Taipei City Secured Small Loans Service (SSLS) announced that the upgraded version of the Taipei Shwoo Net (http://shwoo.gov.taipei)(Chinese) will start operating on February 15.
The online auction platform, dedicated to the sales of used equipment from government agencies, was established in March of 2008 with the aim of promoting the value of recycling and contributing to sustainability. To date, Shwoo has seen an accumulated 10 million accesses, 52,000 members, and 107,000 transactions.
According to SSLS, the new auction website has incorporated features such as member account editing, enhanced registration interface, convenience store payment, online refund application, real-time display of auction items, and online bidding service.
The articles on Shwoo come in a wide variety, spanning computer and other hardware, office utilities, video equipment, to the most sought-after used vehicles.
Individuals interested in purchasing secondhand items from public institutions should register for membership on Shwoo before they can start bidding. Would-be buyers are welcome to inspect their interested items by making an appointment at the respective institutions. Successful bidders will be notified via email; related bidding information will also be published on the Shwoo website.