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Mobile Police Stations to Hit the Road July 1

Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that the inauguration of “Mobile Police Stations” will be the onset for a series of police reforms during a press event unveiling the new service on June 30.
According to Ko, the city government will work on modernizing the police force as the long-term goal. A number of policies will be implemented to achieve this objective, starting with the launch of mobile police stations, the merging of police stations, and the establishment of a unified reporting system.
The reform will be carried out through continuous communication with front-line police officers and reduction of extraneous chores from the list of police duties.
The mayor made a case for digitizing police services, noting that the country should make the most of its knowhow in information technology to boost the effectiveness of police services. He pledges to bring Taipei’s police forces into a new e-era in a period of two years.
As to media questions concerning the interiors and safety of these police vehicles, Ko replied that the “police station” on wheels will serve as an example of how the city government is determined to push ahead with innovative culture. Following the implementation of the pilot program, feedback will be collected for future reference and policy examination.