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Taipei Expo “Smart Taipei Workshop” Highlights Innovative Shared City Services

The 2022 Taipei Expo “Smart Taipei Workshop” event was held at 10:30 a.m. at the main stage area inside the Expo Dome of the Taipei Expo Park on August 31. The event highlighted the many accomplishments of the Taipei City Government’s 1+7 Smart City policy framework, which have received international attention and praise. With the spirit of actual implementation and innovation sharing, the Workshop invited representatives from Hao-Yang Environment Science Ltd. and ChargeSpot Digital Service Co., Ltd. to introduce two smart city achievements: iTrash Garbage and Recycling Integration Station and ChargeSPOT rental station.

The “Smart Taipei Workshop” event kicked off with the introduction of the progress Smart Taipei by Deputy Director Chang Hsu-Yu of Taipei Smart City Project Management Office, who shared that Taipei City has been promoting the concept of smart city since 2016 by creating the Smart Taipei Project Management Office (TPMO). Through the 1+7 Smart City Framework, the TPMO has facilitated over 280 projects. With years of experience in shaping social innovation through Living Lab, Taipei City has been recognized internationally and has become a regular winner of the IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA). This year, Taipei City received a total of two IDC SCAPA Awards, namely i-Voting and Taipei City CooC Cloud, which were both highly recognized globally. In the 2021 Global Smart City Index published by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland, Taipei City was ranked 4th in the world and 2nd in Asia, with an overall indicator of A, indicating Taipei City's outstanding performance as a smart city.

There are many examples of successful implementations through the Living Labs Verification! CEO Liu Han-Yu of Hao-Yang Environment Science Ltd. remarked that the iTrash Garbage and Recycling Integration Station incorporates AI technologies. Users can simply tap their EasyCard on the reader and place their garbage into iTrash and the kiosk will automatically weigh it. What's special is that the garbage – whether it's general household waste or food waste – will be put into a closed refrigerated space with a deodorizing device, so that the garbage will not fall to the ground and there is no worry about foul odors. The convenience of iTrash not only saves valuable time for modern people with busy lifestyles from the trouble of chasing garbage trucks, but also eliminates the need for specialized Taipei City garbage bags. In addition, to promote environmental awareness, recyclables such as PET bottles and cans are accepted at iTrash, with rebates rewarded through EasyCard. iTrash is a smart garbage collection station that successfully addresses the three major pain points of garbage disposal, food waste and resource recycling.

Another spirit of sharing and innovation goes to the ChargeSPOT rental stations that are often seen in MRT stations. Senior BD Manager Chang Ching-Lan of ChargeSpot Digital Service Co., Ltd. pointed out that the service was originally provided only at MRT stations so that people no longer have to worry about their mobile phones suddenly running out of power or needing to use laptops but not being able to find a power supply. After trial runs at MRT stations and receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from the public, many convenience stores in Taipei City now host ChargeSPOT rental stations, thus expanding the scope of charging service locations to people deal with low battery issues.

The 2022 Taipei Expo will be held from August 27 to September 11 at the Expo Dome of the Taipei Expo Park. In addition to the above forum activities, the exhibition area is divided into six major zones to showcase the achievements of Taipei City Government in promoting urban innovation, and the best examples of how smart technologies can improve the quality of life. We welcome everyone to visit and experience the beautiful and wonderful city of Taipei in depth.

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/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8889388/3fce98dc-0b72-4481-8ebf-a2e671132a04.jpgGroup photo of “Smart Taipei Workshop” speakers/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8889388/704ef356-b1c5-4f75-886e-0d1bcf4db004.jpgChang Hsu-Yu, Deputy Director of Taipei Smart City Project Management Office, shared the results of the campaign/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8889388/b180172b-03fe-4a20-824c-ab9ca46f4f36.pngLiu Han-Yu, CEO of Hao-Yang Environment Science Ltd., talked about the “Taipei City iTrash Garbage and Recycling Integration Station” pilot project/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8889388/ab3ad8a7-d341-4ac0-8b7a-7d009c20d145.pngChang Ching-Lan Senior BD Manager of ChargeSpot Digital Service Co., Ltd., introduced the “ChargeSPOT Rental Station” pilot project