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Mayor Announces Creation of Commission for Clean and Transparent Government

During the press conference following the City Executive Meeting on January 20, Mayor Ko Wen-je announced the establishment of the Commission for Clean and Transparent Government (CCTG) to the public.
Ko stressed that setting up CCTG adheres to his policy of “Open government with Public Participation.” He also noted that city agencies will concentrate their efforts on city affairs, including goals to be listed under the “100-day Restoration” and successive projects such as the “4-year Leap Forward” plan. Investigation on graft and corruption will be conducted independently by CCTG.
The mayor stressed that all subjects listed under the “100-day Restoration” project submitted by each agency will be monitored directly by the mayor’s office, and their respective performances will be evaluated based on these items at the end of the period. Likewise, the “4-year Leap Forward” will outline the objectives to be accomplished within a four-year period.
Regarding the composition of CCTG, Ko pointed out that eight members of the organization were hired from outside the city government, including former Taipei City Councilor Yang Shih-chiu, Professor Ma Yi-kung, Attorney Yuan Hsiu-hui, Attorney Jheng Wen-long, Professor Ku Chung-hwa, Former Minister of Health Yang Chih-liang, Professor Kenneth Lin, and Writer Neil Peng.
Furthermore, six positions on CCTG will be filled by members from the general public. Those interested in applying can visit the mayor’s Facebook page for more information.