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Taipei Urban Regeneration Institute Free Urban Renewal Seminar Series Starts April 17

* The Urban Renewal Act was amended on January 30, 2019. In order to inform the public on laws, regulations, policies, and practices regarding urban renewal, as well as their rights and property valuations and review during urban renewal projects, the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO)’s Taipei Urban Regeneration Institute is holding its first 2019 Urban Renewal Seminar at 14:30 on April 17 in the 3F Lecture Room of the Taipei City Government’s Department of Sports’ Administrative Building.

At the seminar, section chief Lin Yu-lin of the Construction and Planning Agency (CPAMI)’s Urban Regeneration Division will give a presentation titled Key Changes in the Urban Renewal Act and Related Regulations (Part I). Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

The URO notes that the city government established the Taipei Urban Regeneration Institute in the beginning of 2019 to combine resources related to renewal and reconstruction, construction, maintenance, community building, and the URO’s training capabilities to deliver courses to equip municipal personnel and civic-minded citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to jointly work on urban regeneration.

The 12 seminars will run from Wednesday, April 17 through Saturday, October 19, 2019, and will cover Key Changes in the Urban Renewal Act and its Related Regulations; Plot Boundaries and Architectural Management Regulations; Rights Changes, Valuations, and Reviews; Registration of Property Rights Trusts for Urban Renewal Projects; Analysis of Jurisprudence Concerning Property Taxation after Urban Renewal. Together, these seminars will provide an in-depth and well-rounded overview of the regulatory framework, review, and practical issues and approaches in urban renewal.

The organization of the seminar series is in the able hands of the Taipei City Urban Renewal and Comprehensive Development Association (URCDA), which has invited a strong roster of experts to give the seminars. These experts include senior managers from the CPAMI’s Urban Regeneration Division, the URO and Taipei City Construction Management Office, real estate appraisers, land administration agents, lawyers, accountants, and construction companies specializing in urban renewal who will share their experience and expertise of every step in urban renewal projects. The admission-free seminars are expected to draw many participants, so please arrive early to ensure yourself of a good seat and your copy of the seminar handout (150 copies, first come first served).

For further detail on the themes, please refer to the course poster or visit the URCDA website at http://www.urcda.org.tw/study_ii.html?getId=30 or phone (02) 2531-8570 ext. 212 (Miss Kuo).