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City Promotes Policies at Children’s Fun Fair

Taipei City Government organized the Children’s Fun Fair at the Civic Plaza on April 3.
Jointly organized by 9 cable TV operators, the event also featured 14 booths promoting topics related with city administration such as “Public Housing,” “Garden City,” “Animal-friendly City,” “2017 Universiade,” “Mobile Family Center,” “i-Voting,” and others.
Mayor Ko Wen-je visited the fair grounds and stopped by various booths. He tried out the home-made grain thresher constructed by a local school teacher at the “Garden City” booth, tasted Taipei’s tap water at “Taipei’s Water – Great for Direct Consumption” booth, and took pictures with submitted logos competing in the 2017 Taipei Universiade logo contest at the “2017 Universiade” booth.
He also took the opportunity to remind the public to take part in the Universiade logo selection through Logo iVoting.
The great weather on the first day of the Children’s Day/Tomb-sweeping Day long weekend attracted many visitors to the fair. There were also four gigantic inflatable castles for kids to explore. The main stage also featured performances by Chio Tien Folk Drums and Art Troupe, Zony&Yony, Claire Kuo, Magic Power, and other celebrities.