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The Beitou Tankan Orange Festival Mountain Hike: Now Open for Registration!

Tangerine     Grass Mountain oranges take their name from the old moniker of Yangmingshan. They’re also known as tankan oranges, literally “barrel oranges,” from the way they used to be transported from the mountains to the city. Thanks to the farmers’ careful cultivation and storage, they grow an intense orange color and a unique sour-sweet taste. To draw more attention to this special piece of Beitou heritage, the Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Beitou Farmers Association will hold the Beitou Tankan Orange Festival Mountain Hike on Saturday February 16. Come discover the terrific taste of tankan!
     Tankan oranges are mainly grown on sunny and leeward mountain slopes in the Datun area of the Beitou District. This terroir is conducive to the flavor and texture of these sought-after oranges, which in recent years and with expert guidance have been cultivated toward higher levels of quality and food safety under a friendly agriculture model. Consumers love these pretty and juicy oranges, carefully cultivated by local farmers. Around Chinese New Year, they are at their best. Some of the tankan orange orchards in Beitou, Yangmingshan are open for sightseeing and fruit picking by telephone appointment. The entrance fee is NT$ 100 per person. Visitors can taste the juicy tankan oranges right in the middle of the orchard. Extra oranges to take home are charged by the going market prices for the various quality grades. The farmers welcome the public to their orchards in February.
The meeting point for the Beitou Tankan Orange Festival Mountain Hike will be at the MRT Xinbeitou Station. Please use public transport on that day (and whenever you can). The 3 kilometer (2 mile) hiking route will avoid busy roads and intersections, and will take you through beautiful tankan orchards so you can enjoy their rural tranquility and simplicity. As this time of year also happens to be the cherry blossom season, this hike is a wonderful opportunity to move your body, enjoy the scenery, and taste some of the finest citrus fruit in the world. As the route is not too long, it makes for a great family outing for young and old.
     On the day of the hike, a Tankan Vinegar-making Workshop and a Tankan Daifuku Mochi Workshop will also be held, for which pre-registered hikers will receive vouchers. In these workshops, people can learn how to make and bring home tankan-based vinegar and tankan-themed daifuku mochi. Participants in the hike will also receive vouchers for glutinous oil rice and starch-coated porkchop soup, two traditional dishes to warm up with after the hike in what will likely be chilly winter weather. Local farmers will have roadside stalls selling tankan oranges and other tankan-based products. Hikers are up for a good time in the outdoors and are bound to come home with some tasty Beitou goodies. 
The Beitou Tankan Orange Festival Mountain Hike is open for registration now. The registration fee is NT$ 300 per person and includes a tankan-themed knapsack. Slots are limited, so sign up now if you don’t want to miss out!
     For more information about the DED, please visit https://www.doed.gov.taipei/ or the DED fan page on Facebook (search for臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣).