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Xiahai City God Cultural Festival to Spotlight Dadaocheng Tourism

The Xiahai City God Temple in Taipei is a well-known landmark on Dihua Street, attracting tourists from around the world. In light of the City God’s birthday on June 29 (May 14 on the Chinese Lunar Calendar), the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) will be holding an event to celebrate the occasion.
Due to the ongoing renovation of the temple structure, the Xiahai City God Cultural Festival this year will not hold a procession. However, there are still many activities to be experienced and enjoyed, including a birthday fair on June 13, recreating the neighborhood from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Starting early morning on June 14, the City God will tour the neighborhood on Dragon Boat, reenacting his arrival in Taiwan.
On June 29, a feast to commemorate the City God’s birthday will take place, with decorations spanning flowers, candles, tea, and wine, as well as fruit carvings by master artisans to honor the special day.
In addition to holding the City God as the patron diety, the Xiahai City God Temple also worships other gods, including General Fan, General Hsieh, City God’s Wife, Old Man under the Moon, and Chusheng Niangniang (Goddess of Childbirth).
TPEDOIT suggests that visitors who plan to visit the temple can also stop by nearby landmarks such as the Chinese junk model next to the Dadaocheng wharf. During the golden age of Dadaocheng, these Chinese junks served as important transportation tools for both local and foreign merchants doing business in the area. Even the City God was said to have arrived in Dadaocheng on one of these vessels.
To get to Dihua Street, visitors can take the MRT Zhonghe-Xinlu Line (Line 4) to MRT Daqiaotou Station. The old street is a 3-minute walk from Exit 1.