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City to Reopen Outdoor Exercise Venues, Restart PE Classes with Conditions

Young students back to school for the new semesterWith the lowering of COVID Alert to Level 2, the city government announced that it will be relaxing a number of restrictions to meet public demands for exercise and sports. The reopening will affect outdoor exercise venues, school physical education (PE) classes, and outsourced sports venues starting September 1. Changes include the follows:

  1. The following school facilities will reopen: outdoor basketball courts, handball courts, and volleyball courts. However, the use is limited to personal practice and venue rental is still unavailable for the public. Users must wear face mask at all times.
  2. Campus exercise facilities remain closed to the general public. The school will implement measures to put a cap on the number of students accessing the facilities at any given time for PE classes. Disinfection is conducted every 2 hours.
  3. Solo practice of basketball, handball, and volleyball is permitted as part of school PE class. Individuals must use his or her own equipment such as rackets, gloves, waistbands, protective gears, and yoga mattresses. Face mask is required at all times. Swimming classes are still suspended.
  4. Training for school sports team is allowed, though strictly limited to members from the school only. Maximum occupancy for indoor venues is capped at 50 and 100 for outdoor spaces. When dining, partitions must be installed between individuals. For swimming practice, each swimming land is limited to a maximum of 2 individuals every 5 meters at any given time.
  5. For outsourced school sports venues, only basketball courts, volleyball courts, and handball courts are reopened. Non-exercise facilities and venue-affiliated facilities remain closed.
The Department of Education reminds faculties and students to abide by pandemic prevention regulations at the venues. The agency will review the pandemic conditions on a regular basis to adjust respective measures accordingly.