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Changes Regarding Mask Mandate When Taking the MRT

Poster on changes in face mask regulations for MRTThe mask mandate for MRT passengers have been further relaxed!


Starting April 17, 2023, passengers are recommended to wearing a face mask when taking the MRT or the Maokong Gondola. 


In compliance with the policy adjustments announced by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation announced that guidelines on wearing face mask on the MRT have been adjusted accordingly. 


In the situation where the immediate environment is crowded and cannot ensure sufficient room for social distancing – such as MRT train, Maokong Gondola, or other indoor areas at Taipei Arena and Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, it is strongly recommended that individuals put on face mask for the duration of their stay. 


For metro mall, Taipei Arena Ice Rink, Beitou Resort, and tourist information centers, visitors can decide for themselves whether to wear a face mask or not.


TRTC pointed out that future adjustment will be implemented in accordance with the central government’s pandemic prevention measure. The company will continue to maintain a set schedule for disinfecting MRT stations and trains.