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Perfect Getaways for CNY Holiday: Riverside Parks

Tired of stuck in traffic jam when making a long journey during the Chinese New Year holiday? Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) recommends those who wish to indulge themselves in recreational activities without the hassle of traffic to visit the city’s riverside parks.
For photo-taking enthusiasts, Guting Riverside Park makes the perfect choice as it boasts a rich profusion of colorful flowers and art installations. To get a taste of romance, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Rainbow Bridge Park which is set against a backdrop of “love-themed” structures.
Huazhong Riverside Park, on the other hand, is known for its characteristics as a camping site and ideal for those who find it difficult to book a hotel room. Individuals can have fun with their family and friends in a bonfire party on a starry night.
In the proximity of MRT Yuanshan Station, Dajia Riverside Park allows visitors to make a stop before heading for nearby tourist attractions such as Taipei Expo Park, Taipei Story House, and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
Other recommendations include Guandu Riverside Park allowing for bird watching and cycling along Tamsui River; Shezi Island wetlands which features a diverse ecosystem; and Daonan Riverside Park which boasts the city’s’ first remote control race car track and is accessible by biking after alighting at MRT Taipei Zoo Station.
For more information about the riverside parks, please visit the following Chinese websites: