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Taipei Zoo to Implement Extended Hours during Summer Weekends

Taipei Zoo to Implement Extended Hours during Summer WeekendsThe annual Taipei Zoo summer program for kids will kick-off starting July 7!
During the event period (through August 25), the zoo will extend its hours to 9 PM every Saturdays, as well as holding activities such as “All-mighty Animal Caretaker” and “Nanny’s Storytime” for visitors both young and old.
As a part of the summer event, the Animal Caretaker event will take place at the main stage area on July 7. Activities include animal caretaker duty simulation, fun quiz on animal facts, showing of international conservation documentary, wildlife protection flea market, and other shows and performances.
The activity “Nanny’s Storytime” will take place on the days with extended hours. Staff members of the zoo will take participants on a 15-minute-long guided night walk to explore the specific theme animal of the respective day.
Online visitors can participate in weekly quizzes about animals by visiting the Chinese website (www.zoo.gov.taipei) or the fan page of Taipei Zoo.
During the extended hours of the zoo on Saturdays, the Amphibian and Reptile house will be open, in addition to other facilities such as the main stage area at the gates, the Insectarium, the Formosan Animal Area, the Education Center, and the Children’s Zoo. Lucky visitors might have a chance to encounter night crawlers such as wild ferret-badgers, masked palm civets, or crab-eating mongoose during their visit.