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Officials Pay Visit to Families of Servicemen ahead of Moon Festival

DCMS officials visits the home of a drafteeWith the Moon Festival right around the corner, the Head of the Department of Compulsory Military Service (DCMS) Fu Yung-mao led city staff to visit families of draftees from disadvantaged households on September 21.
Focusing on households receiving financial support in Daan and Wanhua districts, the purpose of the home visit is to deliver holiday greetings, gifts, and vouchers to these families. It also allows city officials to better know the families of the draftees.
According to DCMS, the Moon Festival financial support funds have been remitted to designated accounts today. A total of NT$533,950 in holiday aids has been distributed across 17 households. Each of these households receive an average of NT$9,300, with the maximum being NT$61,800.
Hopefully, the financial support will allow the draftees who are serving in the military or other locations to focus upon their duties while their family enjoy the upcoming Moon Festival. The delegation also delivered a letter of greeting from the mayor to each of these households.
The commissioner reminded family members not to let down their guards, as COVID-19 still remains at large around the world. They should continue to practice safety measures such as washing hands, wear face masks, and observe social distancing. He also called upon draftees to reflect any problem or health issues to their superior, or call DCMS during office hours (TEL: 2365-4361).