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TBS Celebrates 60th Birthday with Cross-generation Talks

TBS celebrates 60th anniversary with special showsTo celebrate the 60th anniversary of Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS), the program Citizen Chief Editor will hold 4 consecutive sessions of “Cross Generation Discussion” every Tuesday night at 6 PM starting July 6. Special guests include Chu Tsung-ching, Ping Heng, Chen Sheng-fu, and Wu Jing-jyi.
Taipei City Government founded the Civil Defense Broadcasting Station (today’s TBS) 60 years ago as a part of war preparations. To highlight the evolution and changes of the radio station over the past six decades, the host of the program and Taipei National University of the Arts assistant professor Yu Kuo-hua invites guests spanning different age groups for in-depth discussions.
The first session on July 6 will feature Chu Tsung-ching, the founder of the renowned percussion group, to share his views on the topic “35 and 10”. The special guest will talk about the lows of his life during the tenth anniversary of his percussion group, and how he was able to refresh his entire outlook and goals in life by traveling abroad.
The next show will spotlight the discussion between Founder Ping Heng of Dance Forum Taipei and Chen Po-chieh from National Taichung Theater on “Dancers and Dance Troupes.” For the following session, Head of Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Culture Group Chen Sheng-fu will face-off against the leader of the group’s Youth Division Chen Chao-hsien over the topic of “Big Leader and Little Daughter.” On the last special show, the guru of creative psychology We Jing-jyi will discuss the topic of “Young People with Big Dreams” with Lee Wei-yan from Paper Windmill Theater.
Please tune in to TBS (FM 93.1 or AM 1134) to check out the shows on the respective dates. The program will also be available at the Youtube channel of TBS.