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City Unveils Plans to Promote Greater Bade Commercial District

Mayor Ko Wen-je set out his vision for the “Greater Bade Commercial District” during a press event on April 8.

He stressed that the city government is determined to push ahead with promoting Taipei’s IT industry through assuming an active role in coordinating resources, mediating conflicts and finding solutions. It will also explore development opportunities from the perspectives of the academia, entrepreneurship, sales, and animation.

Ko believes that industry resources should be optimized to achieve the maximum effect. For Greater Bade Commercial District, it would mean to make the most of the resources such as academic support from National Taipei University of Technology and the performance/exhibition venues available at Huashan Creative Park and the upcoming Beer Industry Cultural Park.

Citing the example of Guanghua Digital Plaza merchants being apprehensive about Syntrend Creative Park becoming a competitor, the mayor emphasized that the government's role is not to do everything; it should be the builder of a platform, upon which businesses can conduct operations effectively.

As for possible changes to the name “Greater Bade Commercial District,” Ko reckoned that the government is open to suggestions. Noting that the initial name for the hub “Taipei Akihabara” draws too heavily upon the Japanese namesake, he suggested that alternatives should convey the idea of developing an IT cluster in downtown Taipei.