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Mayor Visits Xiaonanmen Community Center to Inspect Congregate Dining System

On September 25, Mayor Ko Wen-je inspected Xiaonanmen Community Center to evaluate the performance of Taipei City Hospital’s effort to introduce medical resources to senior dining spots.
According to Ko, it takes time to institutionalize a practice. The city government adopts a flexible stance on the establishment of 325 congregate dining centers across the city, noting that such venues should be allowed to develop individual characteristics before the government devises measures to incorporate the resources.
Taking Xiaonanmen Community Center and University of Kang Ning as examples, Ko remarked that the former is reputed for its medical resources such as rehabilitation services, while the latter is known for engaging residents in adapted physical activities. Therefore, the Xiaonanmen dining spot can serve as a place where Taipei City Hospital mobile medical vans make regular stops to offer the elderly inoculation or other medical services.

The mayor pointed out that establishing a sound senior welfare system is key to addressing the issue of aging population. Rather than providing free meals, the City subsidizes NT$40 for each meal. Such approach helps prevent waste of food and increase senior citizens’ willingness to participate in the program.
The ultimate objective of the policy promoting community dining spots is to create a bond among senior members living in the neighborhood, so that participants will start interacting and become aware of each other through implementing a positive social environment.