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Theme of GO SMART Pavilion: A Smart City with Shared and Open Project

 GO SMART (Global Organization of Smart City) will be exhibiting with it’s own pavilion at the Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) from March 28 to March 31, featuring 22 outstanding smart city projects from around the world. The theme of the Pavilion is “A Smart City with Sharing and Openness,” reflecting GO SMART’s mission to create a platform dedicated to sharing international resources, bringing stakeholders together, and facilitating exchange to accelerate smart city development.


 Established in March 2019 under the initiative of the Taipei City Government, GO SMART is a young and emerging association with 221 members, including cities, industries, and NPOs. The Pavilion showcases three of its members: THINKTANK, ARK, and RewardinMe, presenting their AIoT solutions, 3D display technology patents, and enterprise-level cloud survey services, respectively.


 In addition to the exhibition, the Pavilion also presents the winners of the 2023 GO SMART Award, recognizing innovative and outstanding smart city projects from around the globe. The five winners include The New Taipei Mobile Payment APP (NewTaiPAY) from New Taipei City Government, Jabar Digital Service from Indonesia, MeNGo 2.0 from Kaohsiung City Government, The Improvement Project of IoT Air Quality Sensors from Taichung City Government, and The Integrated Safety Network for High-Risk Families with Crisis Early-Warning Systems (For Child Protection) from New Taipei City Government. Nine finalists from Japan, Congo, and the United States will also be on display.


 Additionally, the Pavilion will showcase the 2022 GO SMART Award’s five winners: The I3 Systems from the City of Los Angeles, the Qlue Smart City Project: Alam Sutera Intelligent Mobility System from Indonesia, Taipei Urban Intelligence Center, and New Taipei City’s two projects - Virtual Ward Platform and Remote Services for Assistive Technology Amidst the Pandemic, granted GO SMART Most Promising City Project Award and GO SMART Human-Centric Award, respectively.


 GO SMART Pavilion aims to gather excellent projects from members and fellow stakeholders, fostering the spirit of sharing to generate new ideas and establish mutual cooperation in smart city development. Visitors are invited to witness the sharing of smart cities, engage in inter-subject dialogues, and create a better future at the GO SMART Pavilion at SCSE from March 28th to 31st.