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City Introduces Expert Auditors for Labor Inspections

Mayor Ko Wen-je joined Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-lin to announce the introduction of “expert auditors” to the City’s labor inspection system in a press conference on February 3.
The new measure will see expert auditors, experienced and specialized in particular industries, accompany city government officials to conduct labor inspections. They will examine the working conditions among other labor standards and provide professional opinions, an approach aimed to help safeguard laborers’ rights.
Ko pointed out that the action is yet another step to fulfill his political promise of “public participation.” With the objective of improving working conditions, the new measure will be adjusted after taking account of public feedback.
The first wave of labor inspections that involve expert auditors will be targeting the 31 mass media corporations registered in Taipei. Lai noted that the checks are expected to be completed by mid April. She also ensures the public that for complaints filed anonymously on labor issues, the city government will keep the identity of the informants secret.