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2018 Smart City Expo & Mayor Summit: a Great Success in Showcasing Global Smart City Solutions in Taipei

The 2018 Smart City Expo and Mayor Summit have reached a successful conclusion last week. A total of 120 city leaders from all over the world participated in a series of summits focused on the theme of “Linking the power of industries and taking cities as experimental platforms”. Taipei City Government initiated the "Global Organization of Smart Cities (Go Smart), gaining the support of city leaders from Europe and America, as well as the heads of major domestic enterprises. The parties will work together in the future to boost the development of smart cities around the globe. The Taipei Pavilion exhibited the solutions and services spanning smart traffic, smart public housing, smart ecological community, smart startup, smart medical care, smart education and smart security. Taipei's self-driving minibuses in the outdoor exhibition area became one of the highlights during the four-day expo, and successfully created Taipei as the new image of smart city.
Taipei City Government proposed the establishment of Global Organization of Smart Cities (Go Smart) at the mayor summit and scheduled the official founding of the organization during the 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo. Deputy Mayor Charles Lin stressed that the history and culture of each city is different from one another, so even though the smart technology can be replicated, but the experience of urban development requires in-depth exchange to optimize their models. “Go Smart” will establish an international-scale innovative application award through regular general assembly and cross-city “Proof of Concept (POC)” collaboration, linking the momentum of member cities and working together to facilitate global smart city cooperation. During the exhibition, 8 international bilateral city forums were held. A number of Taipei City Governmental agencies took part in talks with domestic enterprises and cities from France, Greece, Australia, Turkey and Poland to discuss various issues of smart cities. On behalf of the Taipei city government, Deputy Mayor Lin signed the Letter of Intent on "Urban Technology Alliance" with the Grenoble District of France, along with inking MOU’s with Poznan, Wrocław and Gdynia of Poland, which pushed the smart city developing experience of the Taipei to the international stage.
The Taipei Pavilion has attracted nearly 30,000 visitors during its four-day exhibition and successfully achieved the goals of promoting technological life and conveying the vision of Taipei smart city. The daily tours also attracted visitors to sign up. In particular, many simulation scenes on site allow visitors to actually experience the convenience of the application of science and technology. People saw Guang-chi Park as an example of the "smart public housing" and learned about the 3 smart meters (water, electricity, and gas meter) which was the most frequently-asked-questions on site. Many people have expressed that if the 3 smart meters become widely implemented, they hope to install them at home and begin their energy-saving life. In addition to the public housing models, the Feitsui Reservoir model was also displayed with the topic of "Using new Internet of Things (IoT) technology to build the smart management System for the Feitsui Reservoir", to instantly track the dynamics of vehicles and ships through positioning trackers, combining with physical and virtual electronic fences to control the access and ensure the safety of drinking water in the reservoir area and the Greater Taipei City.
In the smart security zone, the "video 119" APP exhibited by the Fire Department can locate the site of reports from callers, transmit video clips, and carry out video conversation to help improve the efficiency of crime prevention. Many visitors immediately downloaded the APP from cell phone after the introduction of this service.
There is also a green transportation system displayed on the scene of the smart transportation zone, featuring various types of electric vehicles, charging equipment, smart parking, and smart stations. Visitors can experience the convenient lifestyle after they try out these solutions. In the smart education zone, we can see the implementation of a smart management system spanning access control system, smart class management, electronic curriculum inquiry, teacher and student attendance management, entrance swiping card management, campus news release, and attendance report to achieve efficient and intelligent application for campus management.
Taipei City Government, in the interest of building a testing field of smart city, not only introduces science and technology into the city, but also meets the needs of the people as well as encouraging citizens to participate in the practice of the smart City. The city government also seeks to export the successful experience to the world, building a smart industry supply chain and making Taipei the leading pioneer of the smart city.

listened to the tour guide
Members of the Kuwait delegation demonstrate a high degree of interest in the construction of Taipei smart city as they listened to the tour guide.

a group photo at Taipei’s booth.
The delegation of Asian University learned about innovative applications in Taipei and posed for a group photo at Taipei’s booth.

successfully conveyed the value and achievements of smart city construction of Taipei to the public.
Both the popularity of guided tours and participants’ hands-on experience at Taipei Pavilion has successfully conveyed the value and achievements of smart city construction of Taipei to the public.

explained the campus smart management system
The principle Chen chi-yuan of Hoping high school explained the campus smart management system.

the model of public housing and raised questions to the staff
Visitors shown the high interests to the model of public housing and raised questions to the staff.


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