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City Inaugurates Dahu Child Daycare Center

Inaugurated on January 16, the Dahu Child Daycare Center marks the 14th facility in Taipei. It is also the second public daycare center in Neihu District to be operated by private entities. Located in Dahu Elementary School, it is a successful case among the city’s efforts in utilizing spare space on school campus.
The institution features an open playground stocked with kid-friendly gadgets and toys. With the different sections designed for purposes spanning reading, hands-on activities, living skills learning and more, the youngsters will be spurred to explore new things, helping to trigger their cognitive and physical development.
Considering the needs of infants in different age groups, Dahu Child Daycare Center offers three classes— for babies aged 2-8 months, 8-16 months, and 16-24 months. The institute has a capacity to look after 40 toddlers under the age of 2.
The monthly charge for daycare service at the center is NT$11,000. Parents will only need to pay a monthly fee of NT$5,500 after deducting subsidies from both the central and local governments. The service is available 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Extension of service hours and temporary babysitting are available should the need arise.
For parents interested in the service, please take notice of the following dates:
Signing up for a visit and registration: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, January 17 – 23
Information sessions: January 17 (10 AM) and January 19 (7 PM)
Lottery-drawing session: 7 PM, January 23
Results announcement: 10 AM, January 24 on the Chinese websites of Dahu Child Daycare Center and Department of Social Welfare
Service begins: January 28

Dahu Child Daycare Center
Phone: (02) 2794-3017
Add: No.170, Dahu Shanzhuang Street, Neihu District