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City Receives Donation of 10,000 Fire Alarms

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the kick-off ceremony for a pilgrimage group and the donation of fire alarms at the Songshan Cihui Temple on November 29.
During his address, the mayor expressed his gratitude to the temple for donating 10,000 fire alarms to the city government. He remarked that he is aware of the continuous contribution by the temple to the society.
Last year alone, Songshan Cihui Temple donated two firetrucks, nine ambulances, and four paratransit vehicles. In the past, it also donated 5,000 home fire alarms, bearing witness to the temple’s charity efforts.
According to the mayor, studies on fire accident conducted by Taipei City over the years show that the installation of fire alarms in old building apartments under six floors makes a difference. While fire alarms have no effect in reducing the possibility of fire, the device helps to improve survival rates. The loud noise emitted by the alarm will allow the majority of inhabitants to know that there’s a fire and flee the building at the first moment.
He remarked that Taipei City Government has installed over 50,000 fire alarms over the years. With the addition of 10,000 more alarms, he believes that the donation will help strengthen fire safety for the City.