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City Strengthens Preparations for Typhoon Hinnamnor

City staff members check heavy equipment before the typhoonWith the possibility of the heavy rain hitting northern Taiwan as Typhoon Hinnamnor veers slightly west toward the island and the likely issuance of sea warning by the Central Weather Bureau, the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) has taken steps to carry out necessary preparations before the winds pick up.
The agency calls upon resident to be on alert and double check if flood barriers at home and other flood prevention tools are working. It also reminds drivers who park their vehicles at riverside parking spaces to take heed of evacuation gate closing announcement and relocate their vehicles in time. Those who fail to do so before the deadline will have their cars towed away and receive a fine between NT$1,800 and NT$4,800.
HEO will implement the “exit only” policy at evacuation gates across Taipei City starting 10 AM on September 2. For evacuation gates in upstream areas, gate closure may be implemented at any time pending actual rainfall and possible emergency water discharge by nearby dams.
For the latest updates on evacuation gate closures, drivers are encouraged to register for the Parking Management Office’s Riverside Parking Evacuation SMS Notification Service or download Taipei City’s Mobile Disaster Prevention App.
The public should carry out disaster prevention work before the arrival of typhoons. In addition to cleaning out fallen leaves and debris from drainage and gutter openings near their homes to minimize blockages, they should also keep track of the latest developments of Typhoon Hinnamnor. For those who do not have flood barriers at their building, they can pick up sandbags from district offices. Stacking the sandbags at building entrances will help divert moving water during heavy rain.