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[2016 New Year Countdown Party] Traffic Control Measures

[2016 New Year Countdown Party] Traffic Control Measures
The end-of-the-year countdown bash will take place starting at 7 PM on December 31! The party is expected to attract over tens of thousands of revelers.
To ensure smooth traffic flow in the vicinity of the venue, the city government announced the following traffic-related measures:
I. Construction of the main stage commences at midnight on December 25:
A. Midnight to 10 PM on December 25 (Fri.):All five lanes on the east side of Shifu Road (between Songshou Road and Songao Road)
B. 10 PM on December 25 (Fri.) to 11:59 PM on December 27 (Sun.): New Renai Road closed, in addition to the aforementioned section of Shifu Road
C. Midnight on December 28 (Mon.) to 6 AM on January 12: New Renai Road and all lanes on Shifu Road closed
II. Three-phase traffic control plan to be implemented for the countdown bash: (see pdf attachment [Chinese] for details)
The organizers will set up three shuttle lines (Destinations: Taipei Main Station, MRT Gongguan Station, and Muzha/Jingmei) to help transport revelers to and from the event venue. Service details regarding the shuttle service are also available in the pdf attachment.
Roadside parking squares in the vicinity of the shuttle stops will be suspended for the duration of the event (5 PM on December 31 to 3 AM on January 1). Vehicles parked inside the parking squares in the area during this period will be removed.
Drivers should take detours to avoid the event venue during this period. Suggested detours include:
I. East/West-bound traffic: Take Minquan East/West Road, Nanjing East/West Road, Bade Road, Civic Boulevard, or Heping East/West Road for detour.
II. North/South-bound traffic: Take Xinsheng North/South Road, Jianguo North/South Road Road, Dunhua North/South Road Road, or Songshan Road for detour.
III. Starting at 8 PM on December 31, Keelung Road Underpass will be reserved for emergency vehicle passage. Southbound traffic along the long channel on Keelung road will be closed to traffic. Starting 10 PM on December 31, ramps leading to Keelung Road from Huandong and Tiding boulevards will be closed. Drivers should head west on Civic Boulevard at Zhenqi Bridge for detour.