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Taipei City Mayor Wan-An Chiang highlights the Smart City as Taipei's strongest competitive advantage, as the 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo concludes successfully.

Taipei City Mayor Wan-An Chiang (蔣萬安) welcomed delegates from the world such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and others etc. on March 31. The conference marked the beginning of exchanges and cooperation between cities, with a focus on promoting smart cities and urban governance. Mayor Chiang highlighted Taipei's dedication to continue to strive as an international city, inviting people from around the world to engage in all aspects such as cultural experience, deepen their understanding of Taipei, and foster strong relationships with local residents. The Mayor’s Summit set the stage for forging partnerships with cities worldwide and working together to create a better future.


The Taipei Pavilion, a centerpiece of the event, attracted nearly 40,000 visitors over four days. It showcased various innovative technology applications and services, creating an engaging and interactive experience for the public. Leveraging Microsoft and ChatGPT technology from OpenAI, the pavilion featured an eye-catching virtual tour guide, enabling visitors to explore Taipei in a unique way. The deputy spokespersons of the Taipei City government, Wan-Rong Tsai (蔡畹鎣), and Cheng-Hsuan Hsu (徐政璿) conducted a live streaming event with the theme "Smart Taipei ∞ Future Taipei," which gained over 2,000 views. 


The Taipei Pavilion highlighted smart government as it’s core theme, showcasing 36 items in eight smart application fields, including Smart Transportation, Smart Security, Smart Education, Smart Building, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, and Smart Health. Visitors had the opportunity to experience technology applications through simulated scenes. Key examples included the enhanced features of YouBike 2.0 in the Smart Transportation field, the VR experience facilities at the Fire Safety Museum of Taipei City Fire Department in the Smart Security field, and the utilization of Metaverse, AR, and VR technology for technology education in the Smart Education field. These policies are aimed to provide immersive experiences and foster awareness and skills in various domains.


The 2023 Smart City Mayors' Summit centered around two main themes: "Industry Development for Addressing Public Service Needs" and "Building and Establishing Intelligent Communities." City mayors, representatives of international organizations, and enterprise representatives from cities worldwide gathered in Taipei to discuss global economic recovery post-pandemic and strategies for driving digital transformation in industries through emerging technologies and digital tools. The summit facilitated in-depth discussions, sharing of best practices, and exploration of innovative solutions, aiming to foster city-to-city cooperation and collaboration.



On March 29, 2023, GO SMART (Global Organizations of Smart Cities) hosted its "GO SMART Day General Assembly" and "GO SMART Awards Ceremony." Mayor Chiang expressed Taipei City's commitment to adopting innovative technologies and smart cities related policies to enhance citizen well-being. Through the vibrant ecosystem of GO SMART, international city government representatives and industries can connect, communicate, exchange ideas, and find solutions. Taipei will actively collaborate with global partners to promote cooperation among smart cities and create sustainable and livable urban environments for its citizens.


In summary, the Smart City Summit & Expo 2023 is a significant international event, marking the reopening of borders and bringing together government officials and representatives from various smart cities fields worldwide. Taipei City's ongoing exchange with the international community aligns with its vision of sustainable livability. By leveraging innovative technologies, the city aims to enhance government governance efficiency and improve citizens' quality of life. Additionally, this event will contribute to the development of Taiwan's smart city industry, catering to global market demands and showcasing.