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Wide Range of Amusement Facilities – Never a Dull Moment at Beitou’s Inclusive Playgrounds

One of the inclusive playgrounds in Beitou District The inclusive playground is in vogue, and Beitou is keeping abreast of the latest trends! Changan Park, Huanggang Park, Shipai Park, Ronghua Park, Rongfu Park, and Linong Park have replaced conventional canned plastic amusement facilities with inclusive playground equipment by taking children’s developmental needs into consideration. The accessible playground equipment allows adults and children to experience a wide range of fun activities such as climbing, rolling, swinging, and rotating.

According to Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Director Chen Jung-hsing, new parks in Taipei City will also feature inclusive playground equipment that can cater to the diverse recreational needs of different users. The aim is to materialize the concept of inclusion and create a fun, friendly playground via the introduction of new amusement space and methods. At the same time, he has urged everyone to care for and look after the playground equipment, so that the government will have the confidence to build the next inclusive playground.

According to the PSLO’s Yangmingshan Park Management Division Director Lin Chao-chia, numerous parks in Beitou have been renovated as inclusive playgrounds by infusing local cultural features into them. For instance, a small train station-inspired playground was created by applying the design elements of the oeil-de-boeuf window from the 80-year-old Xinbeitou Historic Station coupled with the Beitou Station Homecoming Project near Changan Park.

In addition to the locomotive, train carriages, and mock-up rail track, there are also children’s favorite playground equipment such as seesaws, seal rocking chairs and swinging hammocks. Linong Park, on the other hand, is not only the first such outdoor gym for adults but also features challenging and exciting Eight Immortals Crossing the Ocean-inspired obstacle challenge games at the children’s playground. Furthermore, Shipai Park’s Teamwork seesaw and Ronghua Park’s inclusive twin glider are the most popular amusement facilities. The astronaut’s gyroscope and square trampoline in Rongfu Park and the glider in Shipai Park offer adults and children the experience of rotating, flying, and moving, turning the parks into sought-after attractions. The agency noted that new parks constructed in the future will adopt inclusive playground equipment to cater to the recreational needs of people of all ages. Additionally, parents are reminded to keep their children company during the game in order to facilitate their development. It is imperative that parents teach their children how to use the equipment correctly and pay attention to their safety at all times in order to prevent potential accidents.