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Mayor Ko Enjoys Awa-odori Performance at Songshan Ciyou Temple

* On April 28, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Songshan Ciyou Temple for the performance of Awa-odori dancers hailing from Koenji, Tokyo. During his speech, the mayor mentioned that the number of Awa-odori performers coming from Koenji this time was higher than all their previous visits. He thereby expressed his thanks to Songshan Ciyou Temple for their efforts in inviting our Japanese friends to perform in Taipei. “We can all feel the vibrant Japanese ambience today. Now Taipei City residents can enjoy Awa-odori without having to fly out to Japan,” Mayor Ko said.

Later, Mayor Ko also previewed on the upcoming cultural event in Songshan District. This year will mark the 13th Xikou Cultural Festival, which will take place at Xikou Wharf on May 18. Mayor Ko mentioned that the Festival will be giving out plenty of presents and residents are all encouraged to attend.

The mayor once again showed his appreciation towards Ciyou Temple in regards to their support for Taipei’s arts and cultural events, such as the Awa-odori from Tokyo. In addition, as the mayor of Taipei City, he also thanked Ciyou Temple for the many equipment they had donated to Taipei City Fire Department and Department of Health.

Subsequently, Suginami-ku Chief Ryo Tanaka from Koenji presented Mayor Ko with Japanese clothing, Hapi, and other souvenirs to show his appreciation towards Taipei City Government’s assistance for making the event possible.

Awa-odori is a traditional arts festivity originating from Japan’s Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island. In 2015, there were only 40 Awa-odori dancers who came to perform in Taipei; and this time, there were nearly 200 performers who had come to participate in this event, creating a rich Japanese festival ambience right at the plaza in front of Songshan Ciyou Temple for all city residents to enjoy.