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Taipei to Develop New i-Voting System

As one of the most important policies of Mayor Ko Wen-je’s administration, the city government will launch a brand-new i-Voting system by the end of 2015 to realize its vision of public participation.

According to Commissioner Lee Wei-bin of the Department of Information Technology (DOIT), the agency will use feedback from users in their online voting experience as reference when developing the new i-Voting system. The ultimate goal will be to create a system that incorporates diverse verification methods, accessible user-friendly interface, and intuitive operational features on a safe and reliable platform.

The current Taipei City Government i-Voting system employs a simple interface with verification choices spanning accounts on social networking websites, ID, mobile phone number, and email.

The new i-Voting website--to be used for either marketing or policy implementation purposes--will boast a more diversified and flexible authentication system depending on the nature of the topics; specific subjects might require different security levels for voter’s identity verification.

DOIT noted that the tender process was completed in August and development is now in full swing. The public can expect the new i-Voting system by the end of this year. The agency also encourages individuals to participate in the various online voting events by visiting the following website: http://www.ivoting.taipei.gov.tw/ (Chinese).