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Mayor Vows to Propel Shezidao Development

Mayor Ko Wen-je reiterated the city government’s resolution to push ahead with the long-overdue Shezidao redevelopment project during an interpellation session at Taipei City Council on June 9.
Having inspected the neighborhood and listened to the needs of residents, Ko noted that locals are concerned about whether the city government will adopt the “demolish before building” approach or vice-versa.
He promised that Shezidao residents will have the right to choose from the two approaches; those opting for “demolish before building” method will receive rent subsidies.
The mayor expressed his gratitude to city councilors for their detailed and comprehensive research reports regarding the area’s redevelopment. He remarked that their proposals, which place local’ welfare on top of all priorities while providing solutions to foreseeable problems, will serve as valuable reference for the implementation of the project.
Ko accepted city councilors’ suggestion regarding the establishment of an institution to deal with the issue specifically. Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong proposed entrusting the mission to an “upgraded” Land Development Agency in the future.