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PSLO Strengthens Preparations Ahead of Typhoon Chanthu’s Arrival

PSLO workers check support stakes for a park tree.The Central Weather Bureau issued the sea warning for Typhoon Chanthu in the morning of September 10. It expects to announce the land warning later in the day as well.
In light of the possible impact of Chanthu, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) has taken steps and completed the implementation of typhoon prevention measures.
According to the agency, it has conducted the pruning of city trees located across parks, greens, plazas, and playgrounds since the beginning of this year to reduce the impact of strong winds and rain. It also went over the inventory of emergency tools such as tree support stakes, chainsaws, and work vehicles.
In the event of damages to the city, PSLO will establish response teams under the command of the city government to conduct relief and recovery operations. Their primary task would be to clean up and ensure the flow of main thoroughfares. The secondary objectives will be to clear out obstacles and debris on minor roads, alleys, and pedestrian walkways to allow traffic to resume, as well as restoring the tidiness to the city. In the case of damaged trees and malfunctioning traffic signals, it will dispatch staff members to fix the issue.
According to captain Hu of PSLO, the agency has conducted the cleaning of various gutters and ditches near parks and green spaces to ensure that these facilities function normally when required. In addition to pruning trees, PSLO also inspected facilities such as street lights, switch boxes, construction site fences, and construction machineries.
PSLO reminds the public to avoid large trees, large signs, and construction sites during the typhoon to minimize the chance of being injured by loosen or broken-off parts. Residents should also inspect the surroundings of their homes and make necessary preparations.