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Mayor Accepts Donation of 2 Ambulances, 4 Fire Vehicles from Songshan Cihui Temple

Mayor Ko accepting the donation of vehicles from temple representativesMayor Ko Wen-je attended the charity concert of 2021 Taipei Muniang Cultural Festival in the evening of May 2. The primary organizer of the event is Songshan Cihui Temple.
During his address, the mayor noted that the value of religion is to encourage social stability, calm people’s mind, and help improve the overall social atmosphere. Since the 1970s, Songshan Cihui Temple has served as an important center of culture and religion in Taipei. The institution’s long-term dedication to festival and religious event is only outweighed by its contribution to social welfare and charity, as well as education and community development.
Ko recalled that the Muniang Cultural Festival has been held since 2008. He also believes that the concert tonight will allow the audience to better understand the compassion of Muniang.
He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the temple for donating 1 logistics vehicle, 2 fire vehicles, 22 ambulances, 69 sets of dashboard cameras, 1 shipment of mountaineer rescue gears, 10,000 decontamination suits, 2,500 protection suits, and 38,200 smoke alarms over the past decade.
According to the mayor, the resources donated by the temple have provided tremendous help to the city government. Citing statistics from the Fire Department, the mayor pointed out that in the past year, the ambulances donated by Songshan Cihui Temple have served a total of 38,925 missions. This proves that these vehicles and equipment serve important roles in protecting the health and wellbeing of citizens.