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Living Allowance Unaffected for Trainees During VDI Class Suspension

 Poster on continued living allowance payment for VDI traineesWith the city under Level 3 COVID Alert through July 12, classes at the Taipei City Vocational Development Institute (VDI) will also remain suspended through July 12. Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu promised that fulltime students training at the institution will continue to receive their living allowance during this period.
The commissioner pointed out that the stipend is provided by the government to both students belonging to designated groups and those who are victims of involuntary separation, allowing them to continue training without having to worry about finances. 
Chen stressed that fulltime students and trainees at VDI retain their student status at all times before completing their training programs. For those enrolled in training programs, they will continue to receive living allowances even if classes are suspended or cancelled. Due to processing procedures, students will receive the first living allowance payment roughly around 50 days after class begins. Subsequent payments are wired to the student’s bank account on a monthly basis.
VDI noted that for student who quit their program during the class suspension period or before the end of the course, their living allowance will terminate on the date of quitting. For those who have already collected their living allowance during class suspension period, no additional living allowance will be available even if the last day of the training program has moved to a later date. For students who are victims of involuntary separation, they can still apply for unemployment benefits at the local Employment Service Station.
For more on VDI living allowances, please call the Ministry of Labor toll-free hotline (0800-777-888) or the Bureau of Labor Insurance (02-2396-1266).