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TFD Wins the 6th Government Service Award with “119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service”

TFD’s "119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service", among 145 projects nationwide, won in the “Digital Innovation and Value Creation” category of the "Government Service Award” this year. The award ceremony took place on the afternoon of December 6th at the International Conference Center of National Taiwan University Hospital. Government Service Award, hosted by the National Development Council, is often referred to as the public sector's Oscar. This award is considered the highest honor for public service among government agencies across the nation, and each unit vigorously competes for this recognition. TFD rightfully earned the highest honor for its dedication to advancing public service. We feel immensely privileged.      


TFD stated that, to address the substantial number of cases in Taipei City, it took three years to build the 119 High-Performance Dispatch System. The system was officially launched on January 1, 2022, and as of the statistics gathered from January to September 2023, it has handled approximately 100,000 reported cases. With an average of about 1,000 incoming calls to 119 daily, the system is capable of handling multiple types of reports, ensuring precise information capture. It has established a visualized decision-making platform to enhance message dissemination, real-time spatial positioning, immediate digital information transmission, and cross-domain integration with the Transportation Department's Changeable Message Sign (CMS) system. This integration helps in alerting citizens to avoid routes around disaster scenes, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of emergency response and rescue services. The system operates 24/7, 365 days a year, providing precise protection for the safety of Taipei citizens.


TFD has indicated that, with the development of commerce and industry, disaster scenarios have become more diverse, and the architectural landscape has grown increasingly complex. The integration and application of new technologies to enhance citizen safety have become urgent matters. We look forward to continuously incorporating advanced technologies to establish rapid and effective firefighting, disaster relief, and emergency medical services. The ongoing effort aims to create a livable and secure smart city environment for the residents by leveraging innovative technologies.