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Enterprises Join Gender Equality in the Workplace of Taipei City Label Challenge Camp

Gender Equality at Work Place Label press event The Taipei City Government held the Press Conference for Promoting Gender Equality Index in the Workplace of Taipei City on November 22, 2019 (Friday) at the Cosmos Hotel Taipei.

After unveiling the Gender Equality in the Workplace of Taipei City Label, the City announced that official accreditation will commence in 2020. The event was attended by representatives and guests from nearly 70 organizations.

During the press conference, EasyCard Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Chia-Yuen and ON Semiconductor (Taiwan) CHRO Chiang Hsin-Hui shared their experiences and handed over a letter of commitment to Taipei City Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-Kun on behalf of these private enterprises, expressing their commitment to “Promoting gender equality in the workplace, respecting diversity, and implementing the gender equality index in order to foster gender equality in the workplace and a friendly environment for the sake of transforming Taipei into a capital of gender equality in the workplace.”

Deputy Mayor Tsai commented that Taipei City Government intends to build a City of Glory and Advancing Values offering tolerance (be tolerant to one another), inclusion (assimilating and being inclusive), and glory (having a sense of honor). In particular, the most important dimension is assimilation, which is embodied through respect and equality. This also includes the inclusion of underprivileged groups, generational inclusion, cultural inclusion, environmental inclusion, and spatial inclusion. Today’s gender equality in the workplace is an integral part of spatial inclusion, and it is hoped that everyone will strive to realize gender equality in the workplace.

Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-Lin mentioned that 26 public and private enterprises have successfully passed the challenge camp. The review indicates that they have achieved gender equality internally and listed attainable goals. Next year, the accreditation of 7 major indexes will commence. She also proposed highlighting the spirit of diversity and inclusion, where enterprises may propose specific measures or welfares that they will implement next year in order to highlight their uniqueness during the accreditation process.

Taipei City is the first metropolis in Asia to stipulate the Gender Equality Index in the Workplace, and Commissioner Lai believes that many exceptional enterprises in Taipei City will be able to pass the accreditation with flying colors and receive the Gender Equality Index in the Workplace of Taipei City Label, so they may engender a friendlier workplace and attract more talent.