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TWD Calls on the Public to Save Water

With the island facing water shortage and a significant portion of farming plots left to lie fallow, the Taipei Water Department (TWD) urged residents to conserve water, allowing available water resources to be redistributed to drought-hit areas.
TWD pointed out that Taiwan is experiencing water deficits due to lack of precipitation last year. Fortunately, the Feitsui Reservoir, which supplies water to the greater Taipei area, currently reports water storage of roughly 300 million tons (90% of its full capacity). That said, residents of the greater Taipei area are still advised to be mindful of water use to help the island weather the crisis.
According to TWD, the city government has implemented measures to ensure sufficient domestic water supply since the severe drought in 2002. These include addressing water leak problems and raising awareness on the importance of water conservation.
TWD noted that NT$23.7 billion has been invested in the improvement of Taipei’s water pipelines network. To date over 1,800 km of pipelines have been repaired or replaced, effectively reducing leakage rate to less than 16.7%. The objective is to bring the figures below 10% by 2125.
On the other hand, the agency has mounted campaigns to promote water conservation through giving away water saving gadgets, holding raffles, and conducting classes in elementary schools to advocate the virtue from an early age.
According to statistics, the City has been able to save 420,000 tons of water on a daily basis compared with 2002. In addition, the average volume of daily water use per household has decreased by 16.7% between 2006 and 2013.