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Mayor Vows to Boost Public Safety

Mayor Ko Wen-je gave the following instructions after briefed by agencies on the city’s public safety on February 25.

Regarding rampant sex trade activities in the city’s illegal massage parlors, the mayor demanded a wider crackdown on these premises. Office of Commerce was also asked to submit proposals to amend related regulations, following consultation with other agencies, to provide the legal basis for enforcing the clampdown.

Making a case for efficient rescue operations, Ko stressed that there should be enough space for the city’s narrow lanes and alleys to allow fire engines to enter. If any borough chiefs or city councilors are against drawing red markings on these roads to prohibit parking, they will be asked to sign an official document holding them responsible should fire trucks fail to access the area in question in the event of an emergency. Fire Department will complete the drafting of the plan in two weeks.

Ko reckoned that administrative effectiveness can be improved with the implementation of a fair reward and punishment mechanism. He will spend six months reviewing the achievement of every department and agency under Taipei City Government.

He emphasized that change can happen to the island starting with the capital city. A flawed system should be rectified and the government should always re-examine its policies and actions to change for the better.