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RDEC Will Continue to Communicate Actively to Facilitate the Approval of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s Organizational Regulations Draft

    Today (January 24), the Legislation Committee of The Taipei City Council completed the third review of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s organizational regulations draft. The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) thanks the Legislation Committee for arranging this meeting and providing related recommendations. RDEC will continue to communicate actively with the City Council to facilitate the establishment of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department for more comprehensive and diverse one-stop services.


     According to a poll done by RDEC, nearly 80% of the citizens support the establishment of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department. RDEC stated that through the Department, the City Government will be able to integrated its resources more effectively and consider recommendations from external sources to address the rapid changes and meet the needs of youth. Additional new and comprehensive services will be provided to youth studying, working, and living in Taipei City. Meanwhile, the Department will further attract youth overseas to come and stay in Taipei, enhancing the energy and growth of this city. 


    In response to Council members’ concerns about overlapping of work, RDEC stated that current youth-related business and budget of each department will be transferred and clearly handed over to the Youth Affairs Department. Capacity and effectiveness will be increased based on the current parameters. On the other hand, in addressing the Council members' concerns today regarding the management of various assistance and follow-up effectiveness in youth entrepreneurship and employment within the Department's future, RDEC will conduct cross-departmental discussions. After the Department’s establishment, it will integrate different but related businesses and provide new ways to support youth’s workplace adaptation and entrepreneurship. The Department will be the strongest teammate for young citizens looking for a job and starting a new business, and encourage young citizens to bravely realize their dreams in Taipei City.