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Taipei City Hospital Rolls out Patient Transferal, Hospice at Home Service

Taipei City’s Health Commissioner Huang Shier-chieng joined Taipei City Hospital (TCH) Superintendent Huang Sheng-jean in announcing collaborations between Taipei City Hospitals and National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital on patient transferal and hospice care during a press conference on January 19.
The collaboration would allow patients who are waiting for a ward bed at NTU Hospital to be admitted to TCH first. He or she will be offered the option of being transferred to NTU Hospital when a bed becomes available.
A single window will be established between the two sides to ensure the patient receives sound medical treatment during the transferal period. TCH Zhongxing Branch has been designated as the site for the trial run. The service will be expanded to cover other city hospitals and medical centers in the future.
In addition, Taipei City Hospital noted that the “Urban Community Hospice Care Service” project has kicked-off on January 9. Teams comprising doctors, nurses, pharmacist, dietitians, psychologists, and social workers will provide palliative care for the terminally-ill at home, allowing the patients to enjoy quality nursing at the end of their life. The project seeks to benefit at least 100 patients within 100 days.
As TCH enters its tenth year, Superintendent Huang envisions a future where community hospitals will live up to their name, offering convenient and reliable medical service for the residents.