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​Mayor Inaugurates Metro Taipei Childcare Center

​Mayor Inaugurates Metro Taipei Childcare CenterOn November 29, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the inauguration ceremony for the Metro Taipei Childcare Center. He noted that the facility is the first workplace-support childcare service center established by a municipality-affiliated enterprise. While the kids of employees have enrollment priority, the remaining openings will be available for the general public. He also expressed his gratitude to Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) for investing time to design and establish the childcare center for its workers.
During his address, the mayor pointed out that the facility is effectively the affiliated kindergarten of TRTC. This allows parents who work for the company to easily drop off and pick up their toddlers on workdays. There are enough young families working for TRTC to support the operations of a nursery school.
Another innovative mechanism involved in the center’s operation – designed specifically for Neihu District – is a “shareholding” mechanism that involves five to six companies in the neighborhood. By becoming “shareholders” of the non-profit childcare center, these companies will participate in the institution’s operations while securing placements for their employees’ children.
Ko remarked that there are four types of kindergartens: public kindergartens, non-profit kindergartens, pseudo-public kindergartens, and private kindergartens. The lottery for public kindergarten enrollment offers preferential treatment for disadvantaged families. However, he believes that the number of kindergartens should not be determined by the population, but rather by the percentage of disadvantaged kids within each kindergarten.
He added that finding a place to open a kindergarten in Taipei City is extremely expensive. That is why the majority of non-profit kindergartens are established on public sector properties, with day-to-day operation outsourced to non-profit organizations.
According to the mayor, a major goal for his administration in 2022 is to boost the salaries of kindergarten teachers. With the current average being around NT$33,000, the plan is to set up adjustments according to seniority, such as 1 year, 3 years, and 9 years. Hopefully, such scheme would encourage institutions to spend more money on the faculty.