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City to Collect Fees for Posting Ads on Street Poles

The city government passed the “Regulations Governing Street Light Pole Advertising” during the Taipei City Executive Meeting on March 8.

The bylaw, following its promulgation and submission to Taipei City Council for future reference, will provide the legal basis for managing the specific form of outdoor advertising.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the regulation to charge hanging advertising banners on the city’s public street light poles will come into effect as early as the end of April, 2016.

The fees for displaying advertisements will vary depending on the different road locations. The first-grade road sections (95 locations) charge NT$200 per unit for utilization. The cost for placing ads along second-grade road sections (328 locations) is NT$100 per unit. Both require a cash deposit of NT$200.

DEP Commissioner Liou Ming-lone believes that the implementation of the new regulation contributes to better social resource distribution while living up to the principle of fairness. He estimated that the measure will boost the city’s revenue by approximately NT$20 million.