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Confucius Temple to Hold Blessing Ritual for Test Takers This Weekend

With the exam season approaching, Taipei Confucius Temple will be holding special events for test takers to seek blessing between 9 AM and 11:40 AM on May 7 and 8.
According to Department of Civil Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung, the event combines innovation with local culture, merging traditional ceremonies into formal rituals. Examinees offer their prayers to the great teacher Confucius, hoping for the best performance at the testing grounds.
This year, the Confucius Temple has prepared well-wish bookmarkers for test-takers, wishing them the best when they take their exams. In addition, the organizers will also offer participants a set of “Passing the Examination” stationery. Examinees should bring photocopies of their test-taking permit with them to collect the souvenirs.
Ceremony participants will enter the Li Gate after washing their hands. They will be led on a tour around the temple, entering the main hall via the Yi Gate to pay their respect to Confucius. They will read their prayers inside the Dacheng Hall and receive his blessing in the form of the stationery set. At the end of the tour, they will place their bookmark with their wish in the corridor next to the Yi Gate.
Test takers who are unable to visit the temple during the aforementioned time can also pick up the stationery set and bookmark with copies of their test-taking permits at the Confucius Temple between May 7 and 13 (9 AM – noon, and 2 PM – 5 PM. Closed Monday).
For more information on the event, please call Taipei Confucius Temple (TEL: 02-2592-3934, ext. 22 [Ms. Chen]).