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Mayor: Dust Explosion Accident Shows Need for Further Integration of Emergency Medical System of New Taipei, Taipei

Regarding the dust explosion accident resulting from the use of colored powder at the Formosa Water Park, Mayor Ko Wen-je noted that he spoke with New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu over the phone and offered medical support.
With 8 medical centers in the city, Ko requested the Fire Department and major hospitals in Taipei (including Cathay General Hospital, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan Adventist Hospital, as well as Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch, Heping Branch, Zhongxing Branch, Yangming Branch, and Zhongxiao Branch) to assist the neighboring municipality by dispatching ambulances to the scene. He also requested the support of private ambulance operators.
The mayor noted that both Taipei City and New Taipei City share a common living environment, and Taipei’s EOC (Emergency Operation Center) immediately dispatched the burn victims to designated hospitals upon their arrival in Taipei. He recalled that his first meeting with Mayor Chu took place at the Joint Ambulance Dispatch Center. The two discussed about dispatch procedures for ambulances from New Taipei to hospitals in Taipei City, but the focus at the time was limited to individual cases.
Keeping track of the latest updates on the accident via LINE, Ko pointed out that the dispatch records of Taipei and New Taipei ambulances should be digitized in real time, citing the delay in updates during transport of patients where the whereabouts of individuals were only reported after they arrived at the hospital.
While people are busy with rescue operations right now, Ko stressed that a review of the disaster prevention and emergency operation measures for the two municipalities should be conducted after things settle down. Considerations should be given to how New Taipei City, with the larger population, can dispatch patients to both local hospitals and facilities in Taipei City, which is the home of major hospitals.