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Riding the Circular Line Free of Charge Kicks Off

One of the stops along MRT Circular Line Operation of the MRT Circular Line has kicked off. While scrambling to try out the novel experience free of charge during the opening month, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) would like to remind passengers that, for your own safety, please do not enter the carriage by force after the door closing alert sound has sounded. When entering the carriage, please move inwards as much as possible. Passengers with backpacks should hand-carry their backpacks and maintain an appropriate distance from the door, as well as keep an eye on their personal belongings such as beloved hanging ornaments or accessories. This not only minimizes the chance of foreign objects falling into the groove but also ensures the smooth opening and closing of the doors.

The Circular Line and Wenhu Line are both fully automatic driverless systems, hence the opening and closing time of the train doors are determined by the computer program at various stations; when the preprogrammed stop duration is up, the door closing alert sound will be emitted and the doors will close automatically. During the trial run period, TRTC’s station staff will reinforce guidance and increase the stop duration at various stations depending on the number of passengers queuing. Passengers are asked not to enter the carriage by force in order to maintain safety during transit.

In an effort to ensure the normal operation of the doors’ reopen function, TRTC conducts monthly reopen tests using measuring devices that simulate foreign objects, ranging from rods with 20mm diameter to 10mm thick slabs. The purpose is to make sure that the door will reopen after encountering foreign objects of varying shapes and thicknesses.

Each train door undergoes regular maintenance and testing to ensure that it is functioning optimally. Checks are divided into daily, monthly, biannually, annually, triennially, and once every 6 years checks. The items checked include the opening and closing function of the doors, the door mechanism, door locking, and door closing alert sound volume, and others.

To minimize the chance of foreign objects falling into the door grooves, besides regular maintenance and servicing of the trains, passengers are reminded to carry their backpacks instead of wearing them and keep an adequate distance from the door in order to maintain the smooth operation of the doors.

For additional details, please contact the TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 218-12345 and 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) or refer to the company’s official website (https://www.metro.taipei/).