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Taipei, New Taipei Look to Bright Future at Sky Lantern Fest

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je joined New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu in releasing sky lanterns on February 5 in Pingxi.
The two leaders wrote down their well wishes on the huge paper lantern, praying for a smooth year for the island and looking forward to closer cooperation ties between the two cities. The device then took off to the sky to herald a new beginning for the Greater Taipei.
Prior to the lantern-releasing ceremony, the two mayors attended a meeting to hammer out plans for future collaboration between the two metropolises. Conclusions have been reached to push ahead with policies with regard to mortuary services, wholesale markets, tourism, sewage treatment, school lunch program, among others. Chu added that details of the aforementioned issues will be discussed by competent authorities under respective governments.
Concerning the use of the athlete village for 2017 Universiade after the sports event comes to an end, Chu pointed out that Taipei will be allocated 1,600 housing units while New Taipei will receive 1,800 units. The two municipalities plan to establish a joint company to operate rental business, giving priority to youths dwelling in the Greater Taipei.