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Purchasing Shoes for Parents at the 2023 Yuanling Parents Festival

A stage activity at the 2023 Yuanling Parents FestivalIn the interest of promoting the unique characteristics and merchandises of Yuanling Commercial District, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) joined hands with the Yuanling Shopping Street Promotion Association to organize the 2023 Yuanling Parents Festival between May 8 and 14.

According to TCOOC, the footwear shops and dress shoes boutiques at Yuanling Commercial District have a long history in providing quality goods to consumers. The commercial district is also located near major landmarks including Zhongshan Hall and Taiwan Provincial City God Temple. Since 2017, the city government has worked with the local commercial district association to hold campaigns spotlighting shoes and accessories which the district is known for, hoping to boost the neighborhood’s economy. It also held numerous guided tours and one-day trips to bring tourists closer to the district’s many temples, shops, and markets.

Chairman Liao Hong-chong of the association pointed out that the Yuanling Commercial District invested the past two decades into the transformation and improvement of its shopping environment, hoping to attain a balance between business and playing a positive role for society. This year, the association devised the “Parents Festival” to highlight the values of filial piety, inviting children to make tea for their parents. Also, children who select comfortable new shoes for their parents is also a sign of appreciation and allow them to enjoy walking even more. The popular guided tours of the downtown district will also continue this year, as well as DIY classes and stage performances.

Between May 13 and 14, customers who spend NT$500 or more at any of the 33 designated stores in the neighborhood and donate their uniformed invoice at the information desk will be eligible to enter a special raffle. Prices include vouchers for shoes and clothing, as well as gift vouchers and other prizes. The vouchers are valid through May 28.

For more deals and bargains related to the festival, please check out the Facebook fan page of Yuanling Business District (https://www.facebook.com/engine1024).