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Volunteers Play Key Role in Restoring Firefly Ecosystem

Volunteers contributing to firefly conservation at Daan Forest Park If you’ve visited the Daan Forest Park, you will probably have noticed a group of volunteers working quietly near the eco-pond located near Exit 3 towards back of the outdoor concert space. They patrol the vicinity, spend time removing debris from the pond, and get rid of pests such as golden apple snails. The restoration of firefly population at the eco-pond is attributed to the efforts of Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) workers, the Friends of Daan Forest Park Foundation, and numerous volunteers.

According to agency, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of minimizing possible spread during large gatherings, it was forced to cancel the annual firefly season originally slated for April 13 through May 3. In the meantime, the volunteers began nighttime patrols of the eco-pond after finding traces of firefly activities on March 26.

The volunteers notice that more and more people are coming to the park to observe fireflies. One of the volunteers mentioned a seventy-year-old couple coming all the way from Shilin without having dinner because they don’t want to miss the best time, while another recalled a group of foreign students who were surprised to see these insects in downtown Taipei.

Chief Wang of Youth Park Management Division at PSLO remarked that visitors at night will notice the volunteers at the site tracking the number of firefly spotters, as well as the population of the glowworms and their activity area. You can also find staff holding up signs reminding people of social distancing and face masks.

The PSLO expresses its gratitude to the volunteers and the foundation for making the park a better place. It also invites the public to join the ranks of volunteers to protect the environment around the eco pond.